Lend a Helping Can


November is a month of warm homes, turkey hands, great food and appreciation for our families. There are many things for which we at St. Norbert College have to be thankful, and our campus has an organization that is displaying this concept of appreciation in action.

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee, also known as SAAC, is hosting a canned food drive throughout the month of Nov. The mission statement of the SAAC is to provide student athletes with the opportunity to communicate more effectively with St. Norbert College administration, coaches and staff regarding athletic programs.

In taking part in this mission, the organization is engaging St. Norbert athletics with the student body for an important cause this Nov. Furthermore, the appreciation is being regionally instituted in colleges across the Midwest in a competition of the Midwest Conference to raise the most nonperishable food items. The SAAC organization within the MWC that is able to donate the most cans will be the winner of MWC can drive, will additionally be highlighted on the MWC website and will receive a banner of recognition.

The can drive will ultimately provide thousands of nonperishables to local food bank organizations. Paul’s Pantry of Green Bay will specifically receive donations collected by the St. Norbert College community.

St. Norbert athletics will provide the student body with many opportunities to donate canned goods. There will be men’s hockey games on Nov. 6 and Dec. 5, women’s hockey games on Nov. 17 and 21, men’s basketball games Nov. 16 and Dec. 2 and women’s basketball games Nov. 21 and 24 where SAAC will be welcoming canned goods and other nonperishable food items.

Winning the can drive as means of collegiate prestige is not what will truly earn St. Norbert College, or any college, a win, however. Each year around the Thanksgiving holiday, there are many families who lack nutritional security and suffer starvation. The genuine recipients who benefit from the competition are those who are in need of nourishment this Thanksgiving.

It is important to appreciate what we have as we approach Thanksgiving break. From the appreciation of our families to the education we are privileged to receive to the food on each of our plates at every meal, we as students have many things to be thankful for in our lives. This Nov., reach out into the St. Norbert community and support our athletics, but, above all, give back to those who are in need this Thanksgiving season.


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