Review: “Crimson” Piques One’s Interest


Guillermo del Toro mixes elegance with horror in this Gothic Victorian tale. Without giving away too much of the plot, a young author by the name of Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) falls for the dashing baronet Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) and is whisked away to the Sharpe’s manor, Allerdale Hall in England, also known as “Crimson Peak”due to the red clay mines surrounding the manor. Edith has always been able to see ghosts, and the ones that haunt her in the manor are particularly disturbing, as is the bitter welcome Edith gets from Sharpe’s sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain). The mysteries of Crimson Peak are uncovered, and the truth gives audience members a spine-chilling disgust that horror movies are meant to give.

I personally hardly ever see horror films, but Tom Hiddleston was the draw for me, and he delivers a lovely yet disturbing performance as Sir Thomas Sharpe. I was also impressed with Mia Wasikowska, who has played Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”and Jane Eyre in “Jane Eyre.” The colors and costumes alone were swoon-worthy for me, and that almost made up for the utter grossness of the horror aspect. Almost. The ghosts that haunt the manor will be present in many nightmares to come. Their disjointed limbs drag red skeletal bodies down the opulent though somewhat decrepit halls of Allerdale. However, there are plenty of special effects, and del Toro also offers makeup artistry that is equally as terrifying. The Victorian opulence and beauty pair and contrast nicely with the gruesome horror and twisted plotlines.

I do not watch many horror films, but the ones I do watch must have a substantial plotline, which I think “Crimson Peak”delivers. I am also an unashamed fan of Tom Hiddleston and anything in the Victorian Era, so those two factors hooked me in from the get go. If you enjoy visually stunning horror with a juicy plotline and gorgeous actors, I highly recommend “Crimson Peak”.

Rating: 4.5/5


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