Third Time’s a Charm for Dance Marathon!


After surpassing their goal and raising $40,480.03, it is safe to say that Dance Marathon was successful in their third year at St. Norbert College!

Dance Marathon took place on Oct. 24, 2015 and lasted for a total of 13.1 hours, which is equivalent to a half marathon. Over 100 SNC students danced for the kids, along with many faculty, staff and countless others that showed their support to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Fourteen Miracle families came to Dance Marathon, shared their stories every hour with the dancers and danced among the supporters.

“It’s one thing for us to hear their stories, but then throughout the day they’re dancing with us and they’re talking with us and these kids who have gone through so much are running around and just being crazy and truly being kids,” said Taylor Baltus ’16, one of the Co-Presidents of Dance Marathon. “There’s just nothing better than to see that and to see that the parents just don’t have to worry,”

Dance Marathon is not just about dancing. There are activities offered throughout the day so that, if dancers need to step away for a moment, they can find other activities to stay involved. For many, however, the adrenaline kicked in right away, and the students were determined to dance all day long for a cause.

“You know that yeah, your legs hurt and your feet are sore and you got two hours of sleep the night before, but that’s absolutely nothing compared to what these families have been going through and what they’re still going through,”said Baltus.

Forty-one students and two advisers helped plan Dance Marathon, which is a year-long commitment. The planning has already started for next year and will not be stopping anytime soon.

Each student involved in Dance Marathon was passionate and put in countless hours to raise the money that they did. The rewarding part for Lydia Dorn ’17, Co-President of Dance Marathon, however, was not just seeing her hard work pay off in the final total.

“It’s one thing to share your passion about it and to show how much you love the organization and the cause, but it’s another thing when you see other people just at the event and their faces light up,”Dorn said. “Seeing their passion come from how much they love it is, I think, my favorite part.”

The money raised from Dance Marathon will be donated to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. There are no set plans for what it will be donated for, but some ideas already exist.

The money that was raised for last year’s Dance Marathon was donated to renovate the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and could be a potential area of donation for this year, as well. Another idea is to donate the money to buy MRI goggles, which help children drown out the sound of the noisy MRI machines and allow them to listen to music or movies. Each pair of these goggles runs at the high rate of $30,000.

The amazing amount of money raised by Dance Marathon will be put to good use and help many children in the future. The hard work of the organization paid off, but Baltus and Dorn stress the importance of communio at St. Norbert College in the great success of Dance Marathon.

“We want to give a little shout-out to the campus for all their support, because, honestly, we can work our tails off and put in all the hours, but without them [the students], we can’t do it,” said Baltus.

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