Dumbledore’s Knights: SNC’s Club of Requirement


Dumbledore´s Knights is one of the more than 70 student organizations that St. Norbert College offers to all its students. SNC always tries to create an environment where students with similar interests can gather together and set up formal organizations that contribute to the development of the social life inside campus.

The purpose of this club is to “provide students with an opportunity to engage in constructive team-building, challenging and enjoyable sport that allows them to immerse themselves with the fictional world of Harry Potter… provide a safe and welcoming environment in which those who are uninterested in traditional pastimes, or wish to expand their own, can participate without fear of judgment or social retaliation,” according to the group’s mission statement.

Below is an interview with Dumbledore’s Knights member Romaric Anquez ’17. He is a big fan of Harry Potter books and movies.  He started with this hobby when he was 10 and never stopped.

Anquez said of the books, “Honestly, I think I read them over 30 times each. I love them so much.”

Why do you like the club?

This club is much better than what I expected, because I thought we were going to be fans of “Harry Potter” just talking about it and that’s all; but, in fact, they like “The Hobbit” and other things like that. We are very similar people. I love it because is so much fun to meet people who have the same interests.

Which activities have you enjoyed the most?

So far we have cooked, watched movies (of course), carved pumpkins and participated in laser tag. I should probably say watching “Harry Potter” movies was the best, but laser tag was so much fun.

How is the environment inside the club?

It’s so easy to establish friendships there because we all like the same kind of things. The president and the vice president are two SUPER nice girls. There are not many boys in the club; the majority of the frequent members are girls.

How do people react when you tell them that you are in Dumbledore’s Knights? 

I don’t know… of the people that know me, they probably expect it because they know that I´m a huge fan of “Harry Potter. On the other hand, a lot of people on campus don´t even know that this club exists, and the majority was not excited about it.

Dumbledore’s Knights meets once a week, usually on the weekends for around two hours, depending on the activity. It is definitely an uncommon club, so maybe you should consider giving it a try. You could end up captured in this fascinating fictional world!

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