Junk Drawer: Board Game Party


Anastasia: “Betrayal at the House on the Hill”

My favorite board game as of late has been “Betrayal at the House on the Hill.”This game has massive replay ability, and that’s one of the reasons I love playing it with friends and family. The game is divided into two acts. During the first act, all the players work together as a team to explore the mysterious house on the hill. Every time a player enters a room, a new room tile gets placed, meaning the board is different every time you play. Halfway through the game, the haunt starts, where one player turns against the others. The game comes with a book of 50 scenarios that are chosen based on how the haunt starts. Every time I play “Betrayal”is like playing a new game. It just doesn’t get old.

Austin: “The Game of Life”

“The Game of Life”by Milton Bradley has always been one of my favorite games to play since I first played it years ago. The basic purpose of the game is to simulate the travels and experiences throughout someone’s life. It’s played with two to six players and involves cards, spinners and a very cool game board.  The many experiences and scenarios in the game can range from going off to college to getting a job to getting married and so much more. The reason this game is so much fun now and when I was younger is because of all the different scenarios and lessons that the game teaches. It’s very relatable for everyone and fun for the whole family to play and experience together. “The Game of Life”is a very kid-friendly game and can even be educational when it comes to decision making and working with money. “The Game of Life”is one game I will always be up to sit down and play with family or friends.

Ben: “Stratego”

“Stratego”is a board game with simple rules and is relatively fast-paced. It’s also a great way to play “Capture the Flag”if you don’t want to go outside. Ever. The bane of my existence is when I’m playing “Stratego”and bombs surround my opponent’s flag, but I’ve run out my miners. There is no greater motivation to throw the board and its contents out the nearest window for the squirrels to collect and bury six-feet under, symbolizing the anguish of watching my Marshal be defeated by a lowly Spy—except for when I land on Boardwalk when my arch-rival has two hotels stationed there like the extortionist they are. “Stratego”is a game of wills, testing your opponent’s resolve as you triumphantly obliterate the Sergeant with your General, while your opponent can only sit back and sob helplessly.

Samantha: “Sorry!”

My favorite board game has always been “Sorry!” I was always blue and I enjoyed the simplicity of it when I was younger, and I would probably still enjoy it today if I were to break it out of the basement. This was what my mom, brother and I would play on occasion, or when my parents were out on a date I would always persuade my babysitter to play it with my brother and me. It was always satisfying to win, and I recall I won a lot. I attribute that to blue being a lucky color for me. There are just many good memories associated with playing that game, so that probably explains why I like it so much, even though I haven’t played it in a decade or so!

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