Spectre Film Review: “The Name’s Bond…James Bond.”


After the huge success of the newest Bond films, including 2012’s “Skyfall,” it’s a no-brainer that director Sam Mendes and actor Daniel Craig would return to the world of Bond yet again. With the newest installment, “Spectre,” we get an exciting and action packed film, but also a more underwhelming and less original production than previous entries.

The film begins with an adrenaline filled sequence where Bond treks through Mexico City during the Day of the Dead festivities. After the intensity, we catch back up with MI6 and Bond’s cohorts who are all experiencing a power struggle when a man dubbed “C”merges all of Britain’s security organizations with the ultimate intention of eliminating the 007 program entirely. In the meantime, Bond has a new mission to protect his newfound love interest, Madeleine Swann. The real interesting and mysterious plot point is introduced when we meet a mysterious man without a name or a face who is the head of an organization called Spectre that has an undeniable connection to Bond’s past.

What really shines in this newest installment of Daniel Craig’s Bond films is Daniel Craig himself, as well as the intense and well-done action sequences. All of these action scenes are fast, intense and gut-punching, including a fantastic train fight sequence in typical Bond fashion. These newest films have set the bar for other action movies, and Daniel Craig’s version of Bond may be the best there has ever been. It’s also great to see Christoph Waltz in the film as the head of Spectre, and he has a great and key scene with Bond that may leave the squeamish reeling.

The film is not without its fair share of issues. The plot seems to be lacking in pieces and instead of leaving focus on Bond’s struggles, they jump us back to MI6 and the technology struggle between MI6’s “M”and the incoming organization’s “C.”These scenes just weren’t compelling, and it took away from Bond’s more pressing situation with his past and the mysterious Spectre organization. The obvious throwbacks to older Bond films also felt out of place and unneeded for these current and very different Bond films.

Overall, “Spectre” is action-packed and delivers on that front very successfully. Daniel Craig is still fantastic as Bond and hopefully will be returning for another installment. The bar that “Skyfall” set in terms of plot, dialogue and overall story was not met by “Spectre.” Still, this installment is great for Bond fans and action fans alike.

Rating: 3.5/5


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