Thanksgiving Leftovers: The College Way


With the Thanksgiving season rapidly approaching us, it is safe to say that the majority of St. Norbert students are eagerly counting down the days until going back home for some (free) home-cooked meals and a much-needed break from school before finals.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, that means we’ll soon have unlimited access to lots of leftovers, and, no matter how good the food might be, anyone is bound to get sick of eating reheated turkey and mashed potatoes for the fourth or fifth day in a row. With that in mind, here are easy ways to give your Thanksgiving leftovers the ol’ college try.

There’s always the classic turkey sandwich made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Be sure to bring some turkey back to school with you for some sustenance during the long study sessions for the finals looming ahead. Not only can you throw some turkey on two slices of bread; you can add almost anything to spice it up. Try adding bacon, lettuce and tomato to make a Turkey BLT.

Another idea is the sweet potato and marshmallow sandwich. Although it might sound a little misleading, this sandwich is just composed of marshmallows and sweet potato on an open-faced sandwich with butter, broiled until the marshmallows are golden-brown.

Another easy way to reuse leftover turkey is to add it to any number of dishes! A popular contender is pasta primavera with turkey. Simply cook pasta like normal; sautévegetables like carrots, zucchini and asparagus in a pan; then stir in the turkey and sauce and stir. Once the pasta is done, just throw the two together and stir well, then top it off with Parmesan cheese. This is a great way to change up the “Thanksgiving”feel of leftovers while still being an easy recipe to make.

Additionally, you could also change up the “Thanksgiving-ness”of your turkey leftovers by making turkey enchiladas. You can make these by sautéing bacon and veggies (think red peppers and onions), then combining the mixture with turkey and shredded Swiss cheese and rolling it all up in tortillas. Instead of using enchilada sauce, use Alfredo sauce with a little milk to change up the flavor. Then bake at 350 for about a half-hour and enjoy the deviation from the typical holiday norm.

With all these ideas at hand, don’t forget the most important leftovers of the holiday: pumpkin pie. Take care to smuggle back as much as you can for some comfort during the last few weeks of the semester–and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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