The Animation Corner: Favorite Pixar Scenes


Author’s Note: With “The Good Dinosaur” hitting theaters Nov. 25, I wanted to honor my favorite moment from each of the Pixar films. The films are listed in order of my least to most favorite.

“Cars 2”: “Who can stop us now?” Overall, I am disappointed with this sequel, which has to do partly with the opening. I love the high-energy beginning, but the rest of the film fails to continue the intensity of the first minutes.

“Brave”: “You’re a witch!” I consider Pixar’s Scottish folk tale to be the company’s most inconsistent film. Ironically, I think the movie is at its best when Merida is interacting with life outside her family, with the best being when Merida buys a spell from the Witch.

“WALL-E”: [A dumbbell nebula] The biggest disappointment is that there aren’t more scenes in outer space that showcase Pixar’s creativity and artistry, like when WALL-E first travels among the stars or when he and EVE share a beautiful dance.

“Cars”: “It’s our town.” For all the great music Pixar has produced, “Our Town” is the only one that gets a mention in this article. However, without James Taylor’s song, the film would never have generated enough sympathy for Radiator Springs and its citizens.

“Toy Story 2”: “Tell me I wasn’t this deluded.” That look on Buzz’s face when he meets his doppelganger says it all, and I’m sure he’s having flashbacks to when he once told Woody, “Zurg has been secretly building a weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet!”

“A Bug’s Life”: “Does anybody else want to stay?” Hopper’s “motivational” speech cements him as Pixar’s most evil villain, as he murders three of his followers to prove a point. The scene presents Hopper as a shrewd and imposing leader, transitioning the film into a darker tone.

“Toy Story”: “You are a toy! If you’re ever in an argument, just wave your arms in the air and scream this line. More often than not, the other person will say, “You are a strange, sad little man.”

“Monsters University”: “And Mr. Wazowski…keep surprising people”. Dean Hardscrabble is the most memorable character from Pixar’s first and only prequel. She commands the audience’s attention instantly, and she delivers her speech at the end with great poignancy.

“Inside Out”: “Who’s the birthday girl?” The filming of Riley’s dream is as surreal as it is imaginative. There are a high percentage of jokes packed into a short time, but the funniest and scariest moment is when Jangles the Clown bursts onto the set.

“Finding Nemo”: “Mine! Mine! …Mine? …MineMineMine!! [Crashing into sail] Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!”

“Up”: [Carl sits alone next to a huge bouquet of balloons] I think everyone can agree that the opening sequence is the film at its best, so here are a couple of facts about it that you might not know: The tree that Ellie and Carl picnic under is the same tree from “A Bug’s Life.” Also, Carl never speaks to Ellie.

“Toy Story 3”: “Barbie! Not the Nehru!” Whoever thought of adding Ken ought to be given a special Oscar. Ken and Barbie are hilarious, and the pinnacle is Barbie torturing Ken by ripping up his clothes.

“The Incredibles”: “Where’s my super suit? » I’m picking the popular choice here, but that’s because this scene is comedy gold. Frozone’s frantic argument is completely pointless in terms of plot, character development or moralistic material, but it’s for the greater good that it exists.

Ratatouille : “I don’t like food, I LOVE it. If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow. Anton Ego is one of my absolute favorite Pixar characters. He’s solemn and majestic and everything he says is wonderfully quotable, especially Ego and Linguini’s first face off.

“Monsters, Inc.”: “Kitty?” Mike and Sully’s astonishment at the endless arena of doors is the most spectacular moment, but Sully entering Boo’s room at the end is the most heartfelt. The soft beep of the red light above Boo’s door still gives me a little shiver down my spine, and the pure joy on Sully’s face is an amazing cathartic release to my favorite Pixar film.


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