Time Alone


Kimberly Jahns ’16 is a Communication and Media Studies Major and a Psychology minor from Appleton, WI.

Everyday I move from class to class, phone to laptop to TV to phone. While I’m doing my homework, I listen to music. While I’m watching TV, I’m typing up my notes. I am constantly multi-tasking and moving from social situation to technology to food to technology. Some days, I can go the entire day without sitting down, taking a breath and relaxing for a moment.

Stress and anxiety build up and erupt from me at the most inopportune times, and I wonder why I haven’t realized how stressed out or anxious I have been. I never take a moment to evaluate my day, to think about my actions or decisions.

We are never able to reflect on our daily happenings or take time for ourselves. We can’t stand to be alone. When we are waiting for a friend, class to start or our next meeting, we pull out our phones and write up an email or send a quick text. We don’t sit and think.

There is always something to be done, something that is due. I understand that, especially being a college student. But setting aside even twenty minutes a day to meditate, think, journal, reflect or even just to lie down and relax may be a necessary medicine for the chronically stressed. Always feeling like something is due is exhausting. But there will always be something due. After we graduate college, we will have projects for work that need to be done and/or family issues that need to be dealt with; our“due dates”never end.

By trying to accomplish everything and use every minute to the fullest, we are working toward finishing our goals, but at what cost? We are wishing our life away. The stress continues to subconsciously build up until we are crying over the fact that one word was misspelled in our PowerPoint presentation.

Let yourself breath, and make taking care of yourself a priority. We only really take care of ourselves when we get a cold or when we have deep emotional anguish. The in-betweens of life, though, can be just as important. Every day we go through events that affect our lives, and we therefore need to think about them, regardless of how small they are, and make sure we deal with any stress and anxiety they have caused.

Taking care of ourselves emotionally can also be difficult because we can hide the way we feel much better than we can hide a cold. Emotions do not always come to the surface but rather simmer for a while until they boil over. Take time to be alone, take time to think about your life and, most importantly, enjoy the life you are living.



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