Bienvenue au Club Français


Have you ever thought about learning a new language? It offers thousands of new opportunities, not just for your curriculum, but also for your personal life. Like so many other college students, though, you don’t have enough time to take a class, or maybe you are not sure if you are going to like it. The best solution is to join a foreign language club on campus and just give it a try!

According to the French club, their description is as follows: “The French Club is a group of students that are interested in improving their language skills outside of the classroom through fun and engaging activities. With every meeting, we try to immerse ourselves in the French culture, whether it is through a thought-provoking movie or simply throwing a crepe party. We are a group all about having fun while picking up a little ‘je ne sais quoi.’”

The following is a conversation with Sydney Gauthier ‘18, a member of the French Club that met with me to share her experiences with the club.

Why did you join the club?

I joined because I enjoy the French language and the culture, and I wanted to know more about France.

What kind of activities do you do in the French Club?

We had a French movie night, and we did a French grammar night where we played games and practiced grammar. We also had French TV-show game night. Then we have Crepe Night coming up, so we are going to make crepes together. I think it’s going to be awesome! I think that will be the best activity of the semester for various reasons. A lot of people go to that one.

How is the environment within the club?

Everybody is easy to talk to. The environment is great. We are there to learn, have fun and to just enjoy our time.  You can speak French if you want to of course, but we usually don’t—at least not a lot since there are a lot of basic-level students that don’t know a whole lot of the language.

When did you first become interested in French?

I think it was in middle school. I took my first French class and really enjoyed it, so I just wanted to continue it. Now, I’m a French major! I speak French because everybody else chooses Spanish, which makes total sense because a lot of people here speak it—but I like being different. The amazing thing is that I am going to study abroad in France next year. I am really excited and definitely looking forward to that trip.


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