Campus Safety Parking Notifications Now Available to Students


St. Norbert College Campus Safety is offering a new feature on the LiveSafe app that allows students to receive text messages when student lots are going to be plowed.

“In the past, whenever we have had to plow student lots, there has always been student vehicles that end up getting towed, as they have not moved out of the identified lot by the posted time frame,”said Jill Hofer, SNC Campus Safety Office Coordinator.“Having the ability to send this kind of text reminder out a half-hour or so before the towing starts will hopefully reduce the number of vehicles that need to be towed.”

Students are encouraged to download the LiveSafe app through the app store in order to receive the notifications.

The parking office thought this would be a great asset to the SNC community by being able to better communicate with the student body when plowing will occur. Campus Safety will continue to send e-mail notifications and post signs in academic buildings and residential halls to remind students of lot closures. However, they will no longer have courtesy calls to students whose vehicles are in the lots when they are about to plow.

Signing up for these texts is a very easy process: First, students must download the LiveSafe app, then they need to make sure their profile information is up to date and that their phone allows “push notifications.” The last step is sending in an “other”tip that reads “parkinggroup.” The student’s information will then be added to the group and they will receive notifications half an hour prior to a lot being plowed.

Because this process is so easy, the parking office hopes that many students will take advantage of this new way to receive notifications.

“LiveSafe is a powerful two-way communication tool between the students and Campus Safety. Students should download and use the LiveSafe app for many reasons, including the ability to sign up for the Parking Group to receive student-lot plowing text reminders.”said Hofer.

To learn more about the LiveSafe app and the safety features offered, please visit


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