The Mantra We Didn’t Know


Diversity within campus brings meaning to the mantra of St. Norbert College, the ever-known ‘communio.’ This mantra is achieved through the assimilation of many different people from many different countries, states, cities and homes. The communal volumes of stories cannot be read from every person on campus, and, of course, we as students cannot know every person’s story.

The volume of anecdotal lives that many people don’t experience is the volume that originates from beyond the United States, broadly belonging to the international students on campus. On Tuesday, Dec. 1, an event hosted by the Student Government Association enabled the student body to get to know an international student on campus. The ‘Already Abroad’ event sought to assimilate different cultures on campus.

The first interviewee was Radek Buss ’19, a biology major from the Czech Republic. Radek was interviewed about Czech traditions and the comparisons and discrepancies between living in the Czech Republic and the United States.

Danny Wilson ’18, a member of the Student Government Association, stated “the mission of the ‘Already Abroad’ event is really just to show the diversity on campus through looking at the experiences that are had by international students.”

The event is a great vehicle to achieve communio and the assimilation of discrepant cultures at St. Norbert College.

Looking forward, Wilson also said “We are hoping that people will see the international students in a different light, to educate the student body about the many cultures on campus and more so to better understand the international students and their lives.”

The Student Government Association upholds the mantra of communio, and this is very important to the student body as a whole. Young adults from around the nation, daresay the world, travel to St. Norbert College to receive an education and develop a basis of knowledge, experiences and relationships that will influence their future occupational lives. Meanwhile, education is a leading motive to attend St. Norbert College, and many of us, as students, seek to build relationships with other people and find our new home, a second communal family.

The relationships students develop in college affect their lives in the collegiate pursuit of happiness and denote the importance in creating a sense of community on campus. The mantra we blindly abide by may influence the student body more than you or I could measure. And so, in ending the semester, remember that it’s a great thing to engage in the community and to read many of the great stories that our newly-found home truly encompasses.

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