Changing the Cover: Human Library Returns to SNC


A unique event will soon revisit St. Norbert College; the Human Library will return on Thursday, Feb. 25, from 6-8 p.m. in the Mulva Library. The event is sponsored by the Cassandra Voss Center and the Mulva Library.

Students will have the chance to engage with “human books,” as these individuals have volunteered to sit down with students and share their powerful stories covering many personal subjects, from discrimination to stereotyping. This event encourages students to ask questions and to engage with the story itself and the person behind the story.

This year, the Human Library will be hosting 11 different volunteers presenting a wide variety of topics, with titles including, “Imam for the Muslim Fox Cities Community,” “International Woman, Leader of Color, Gender Justice,” “Being Gay in Titletown” and “Not Your Model Minority: Asian American Identity and Stereotypes.”

On an anonymous survey from the 2015 Human Library event provided by the Cassandra Voss Center and Mulva Library, a participant stated, “It’s so important that we know other people’s stories from a different perspective. It was so insightful and hard hitting at the same time.”

This one-of-a-kind-experience was hugely impactful for students that attended last year. Participation feedback from the 2015 Human Library event showed that 94.2 percent completely agreed/ somewhat agreed with this statement: “By interacting with the ‘human books,’ I have become more aware of the stereotypes and misconceptions others may hold about the social groups the ‘books’ represented.”

Another anonymous participant that took part in last year’s event said, “This was probably one of the best things SNC has put on. So, so important. So happy there was LGBTQ representation too, since it’s so absent on this campus.”

For more information on the Human Library, visit


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