Knight Theatre: From An Insider’s Perspective


For those of you not so involved in the theatre community here on campus, the student-run group Knight Theatre has pulled off an amazing feat in producing the musical “Chicago”in what totals out to be a little over four weeks. I have been personally involved in this show, as have many other amazingly talented individuals, and since this is my third Knight Theatre Show, it seems only fair I give some insider information on how such a group pulls off such a fantastic task.

Once the cast list is posted in late Nov., the group meets for brief get-to-know-you icebreakers and to receive their scripts and scores. Usually, a few rehearsals are squeezed in before finals week, and then the group has their Christmas break to memorize their lines and music. Though this may seem daunting, the first week is given to use the scripts and scores; then, by the end of that first week, the expectation is to have everything memorized.

The first Monday, or sometimes the first Sunday of Jan., is used to start daily rehearsals, which last eight hours. I know, I know, eight hours of theatre a day seems excessive, but truthfully it is one of the best experiences there is. Friendships are made due to the sheer amount of face-time you get with the cast, and all the while a fantastic show is being produced. All directors are students, which allows for unique leadership opportunities amongst peers. The set is designed and built by students, which this year has once again proven successful in the elegant simplicity of the design. By the time the first week of classes rolls around, dress rehearsals begin and one weekend provides a window to all the hard work the cast, crew and directors put into making a work of art.

Being involved in this group may be one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences to put myself through during college. The stress it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to be surrounded by the same people eight hours a day for a month doing the same things over and over again would drive most people a tad crazy. But, if you saw the show, the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide.

Theatre is a magical experience in itself, at least to a theatre veteran like me, but being able to be a part of a group of like-minded peers makes me thankful to be able to have such an opportunity. So if you’re at all interested in joining the group, whether that be for lights, sound, directing or acting, I highly suggest looking into Knight Theatre. It’s been a fantastic experience all three years I’ve been involved, and I have no doubt it will continue to shine as the years go on.


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