Knight Theatre’s “Chicago” Features A Talented Cast


This year, Knight Theatre performed the musical “Chicago,”from Jan. 27-31. The musical starred Erika Jahnke’16 as Velma Kelly and Samantha Kolb ’17 as Roxie Hart, two murderers who are using their crimes to gain fame.

First, I just want to say I really enjoyed the costumes and make up; each actor really looked their part. The set was also well done. It was simple, but it worked perfectly for the 1920s aesthetic of the musical.

Now, since “Chicago”is a musical, it’s very important the music sounds good. And it does. The musicians did an excellent job performing the music. Jahnke and Kolb both gave very talented performances, especially when they sing together; their voices harmonized excellently. The other performers also did a great job, especially Zachary Dickhut’19, Morgan Fessler’19 and Brian Falk ’17.

Overall, it was a good performance. It was lively, energetic and fun. However, it wasn’t quite perfect. I didn’t leave the show unsatisfied, but I didn’t exactly leave satisfied, either. The show seemed to be missing something that would give it a lasting impact. Some of the humor also fell short. It felt like some lines weren’t quite executed perfectly, and, as a result, some of the musical’s humor didn’t come through effectively.

Still, the show was definitely a good time. The cast and crew did a great job, and should be proud of what their hard work produced.


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