Positivity, Free-Thinking Key to Fresh Start


Winter never lives up to its reputation. The days are cold, the nights are dreary and the sun shines only a few of its already limited rays on our college campus. Classes exhaust the attention span of the St. Norbert student in their natural habitat. Classwork declares its triumph over the student, and the student is held hostage by college expectations.

These are undeniable truths, unless this semester is nothing of what we expected.

We as students tend to focus on the negative aspects of life. The black hole of negativity can strain what motivations and aspirations we have for the semester. It is important to keep a bright mind when a new semester commences. A new semester offers many promises: the promise of a new beginning, the promise of a fresh start and the promise to improve upon that which we once thought we could not get back.

This is the time to look around the St. Norbert campus. Students are building snowmen in the excitement of a first snowfall. Students are beginning the start of an exciting semester full of motivation and grace. Let us not focus on the negativity of past semesters; let us begin a semester of aspiration for a brighter future.

The days will persist to be cold and the nights will remain dreary. The class work will only get harder, and the course load will only get heavier. The collegiate expectation will increase in demands and expected effort. However, the sun will begin to shine longer during the day, the snow will eventually melt and the warmth will bring about new life on our St. Norbert campus. Soon the negative student’s thoughts will become their spring reality, and the cold winter will be a glimpse in the past of what could have been.

This semester, I invite you to the semester that will bring you prestige and academic honor, success and motivation, bliss and joy. Let go of the negativities that once invaded your mentality on life, and keep an open mind on the endless possibilities of a new semester, for this semester may be something you never expected.


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