Ruth’s Marketplace Introduces “Wellness at Night”


Ruth’s Marketplace is the one of the most frequently visited spots on campus for SNC students to get their daily meals, and with the start of the spring semester, Ruth’s has also launched its new spring menu cycle. In addition, Dining Services has also expanded one of its most popular stations, Wellness, to now include a dinner service from Monday-Thursday.

This addition to the Wellness station has been in the works for about a semester, with this time being used to get new menus written and recipes developed and tested. Dining Services conducted a survey last year that led to this new development, as the number-one request from students was to have a “Wellness at Night” dinner option.

The food being served will be a combination of several recipes and concepts that have been present in past academic years, all developed by Head Chef Dan Froelich and a team of Wellness collaborators.

“All Wellness at Night recipes will be different from the lunch options, a mix of historic and new recipes,” said Melissa DaPra, Manager of Ruth’s Marketplace. “We have such deep archives that we were able to look at items we haven’t had for a few years and put a new twist on things.”

Dining Services conducted a few “test runs” last semester to see how new things would play out in the Wellness station at night, looking at how receptive students were to these new options. “We were generating interest, and this made it clear that a Wellness dinner option was wanted and needed,” said Daniel Staats, Assistant Head Chef of Dining Services.

The criteria for food in the Wellness station includes lean proteins, a vegetarian option, whole grains and vegetables and fruit. Everything also has a gluten-free option if the food is not already gluten-free in nature.

Besides Wellness at Night, there will be a lot of new features at the other stations in the Marketplace; all items will be flagged “new.”

“One of the challenges of launching the Wellness station for dinner service was working out how to execute it,” said Mary Jo Morris, Director of Dining and Conference Services. “Sometimes we have over 200 people go through the Wellness station at lunch, and it’s a different system at night because we have more student workers.”

The Wellness station can be described as more “hands-on” because some of the plates need more assembling. However, Dining Services is very happy with how well-received Wellness at Night has been since its introduction just a few days ago.

“I really encourage students to look at Wellness options even if they are not specifically looking for a ‘wellness’ experience,” said DaPra. “The station will offer a variety of options, including home-style dishes and accessible ethnic foods.”

For more information, visit Dining Services’ updated website to view a complete list of menus at, or students can stop by Ruth’s Marketplace to try the food for themselves! IMG_4172.JPG


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