TRIPping Over Service Opportunities


While some students binge watch Netflix over winter break, other groups of SNC students went all over the U.S. and out of the country in order to serve the human community. TRIPS (Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service) participants put themselves to work throughout the month of January with the goal of helping others.

Nine TRIPS took place over the winter break, and each TRIP was led by one or two student TRIPS leaders. During their weeks of service, the participants served in activities ranging from feeding the homeless to helping underprivileged children to promoting awareness of current issues to countless others.

“The best parts of the TRIPS program are seeing the powerful impact that a group of SNC students can have on a population in need of help, as well as the friendships that form between TRIPS participants over the course of their service together,”said Davey Holzer ’17.

Holzer and Sarah Coco ’17 led a TRIPS to Chicago to help prepare for the largest HIV/AIDs fundraiser in the world.

The TRIPS Program allows students to grow as a person and experience things that can be life-changing through both service and reflection. Each trip focuses on a specific social justice issue and travels to a different destination.

“It is incredibly humbling to hear about the struggles someone has been through. Seeing what it actually means to be homeless and listening to those going through it helps us to realize how privileged we are and how much we take for granted,”said Adam Strube ’18. Strube and Rachel Pischke ’17 wholed a TRIP to Philadelphia, PA, in order to work with Our Brother’s Place, an organization that works with homeless men.

The group assisted in serving homeless men, and in the process, educated themselves about homelessness.

“Many stereotypes and misconceptions were broken. If only everyone saw the truth about homelessness,”said Strube in reflection of his TRIPS.

Students who participate in TRIPS are passionate about making a difference with their service.

“The stories we share and experiences we share are all unique. We are all passionate about service, and that drive to serve and help others is incredible,”said Whitney Oren ’17.

Oren, along with Olivia Koehn ’16 led a TRIPS to Memphis, TN, in order to volunteer at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. At the hospital, the TRIPS group spent time with children, hosted special events and helped with other hospital tasks.

The TRIPS Program offers students a once in a lifetime experience to give back to the community. For more information on TRIPS, go to Applications to apply for international trips or to become a future TRIPS leader will be available later this semester.HIV_AIDS trip photo


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