Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Roethlisberger ’16


Year in school:  Senior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Ashwaubenon

High school: Ashwaubenon High School

Position: Center

Favorite type of music: Indie-Folk

Favorite movie: Pocahontas

Favorite app: Instagram

Favorite pregame music: Instrumental

Country you’d like to visit: Switzerland

Favorite quote: “Don’t take life too seriously, it’s not like you’re going to come out alive.”

Hockey superstition: Touching every panel of glass as I walk onto the ice.

Favorite NHL player: Zach Parise

Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers

Greatest inspiration: My brother

Most memorable moment of your hockey career: My sophomore year of high school was the inaugural season for the Bay Area Ice Bears, and we took second in state. Our team had 21 players but the WIAA only allowed 20 to suit and be on the bench, so one of our seniors had to sit out the entire tournament. During the award ceremony, the teams were only given medals for those 20 players. After receiving mine, I skated over to our senior who was on the bench, took off the medal, placed it around her neck, gave her a hug and, as tears ran down our faces, told her that she earned and deserved it just as much as everyone else on the team. To this day, sharing that moment with her has been the most emotional and memorable experience of my career.roethlisberger_lauren16.jpg

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