Junk Drawer: Favorite Relationships


Anastasia: Cecilos from “Welcome to Night Vale”

I’m not a very romantic person. My favorite romantic comedy is “28 Days Later.”In high school, it took me a year and a half to figure out two of my friends were dating. That being said, I don’t exactly ship many things. Since I listened to the first episode of “Welcome to Night Vale,”I knew that I was going to love the relationship between radio host Cecil Baldwin and the new scientist in town, Carlos. From a tender moment in an Arby’s parking lot to attempting to get a condo together, these two play off each other’s strength and weaknesses well. Neither of them are perfect, and their relationship hits a slight bump every once and while, but they work through it.

Austin: Theodore Twombly and Samantha from “Her”

My favorite movie relationship has to be the one between Theodore Twombly and Samantha, the intelligent computer operating system from the film “Her.” Personally, I’m not a big fan of romantic films, but “Her,” directed by Spike Jonze, was a very unique take on relationships and technology in today’s world. The thought of technology becoming something you truly fall in love with really connects back to today’s world. The film did a great job of making me feel attached to both Theordore and Samantha. Their journey is very awkward at times, but their relationship was one that developed into something amazing, and Scarlett Johansson did a great job adding her voice to the role. My choice is a unique one, I feel, and one that you have to watch unfold to understand it better. Their relationship has a deeper meaning of our connection to technology in our ever-growing world.

Ben: Gruvia from “Fairy Tail”

I was torn between choosing Gray and Juvia from “Fairy Tail” or Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye from “Fullmetal Alchemist,” but I went with “Gruvia”because they make me laugh every time they’re together. Juvia basically stalks Gray for the entirety of the series, which sets up some pretty hilarious situations. What I love most about their relationship is that even though Gray is unnerved by Juvia’s antics, they still maintain a close friendship. My favorite moment of their strange relationship is the Tenrou Island plot arc, when Juvia seems to turn into a possessed water demon after Meredy threatens Gray’s life.

Samantha: Captain Swan from “Once Upon a Time”

My favorite ship would have to be from the TV show “Once Upon A Time,”with the protagonist Emma Swan and the roguish Captain Hook. This pair is apparently known as “Captain Swan,”which sounds better than some other ship names I’ve heard for other couples. From their beginnings, I appreciated the snarky quips between them and how Emma never let Hook catch a break. Both play anti-hero characters as well, and I feel there is balance between Emma’s light and Hook’s dark (or vice versa later in the series). Not to mention Killian (Captain Hook’s first name) goes to great lengths to try and help Emma, even when she swore up and down there was no chance for them to be together. Being the show that it is, the fairy tale characters of “Once Upon A Time”have twisted stories and fates, and Killian and Emma have both some tender and heartbreaking moments together.


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