Knights for Life Weathers the Storm


Wisconsinites know how to weather the weather – even the coldest temperatures find some citizens in shorts – but sometimes snow and ice can become too much for anyone. Over the past few weeks, winter storms and cold temperatures have been making activities difficult across the nation, and the SNC organization Knights for Life discovered this for themselves just before the second semester began.

Members of Knights for Life, the pro-life organization on campus, took a bus to Washington, D.C., where the national March for Life event was being held on Jan. 22. They left on Wednesday, Jan. 20, and arrived to our country’s capital the next day. However, they became aware of the threatening snowstorm that was going to blanket parts of the East Coast. As much as it disappointed them to leave early, most of the group decided to rent a car and return to Wisconsin before the March began, avoiding dangerous roads and the possibility of getting stranded.

Despite the disappointment of missing the March itself, winter did not stop them from participating in other activities. While in D.C., they took part in a peaceful protest, which took place outside of a future Planned Parenthood. Later, the group attended Mass along with many other participants of the March.

Knights for Life member Emily Rosenfeldt ’19 recalled, “Mass was absolutely beautiful. It was so packed because it was the National Mass for Life to kick off the March.” Rosenfeldt mentioned that some people she knew outside of the group arrived over four hours early to get good seats.

Aaron Waldoch ’18, who went as a leader of the group, was happy about the trip even though it was cut short. “Overall, it was still a positive experience, because we were able to meet so many individuals passionate about the pro-life movement,” he said. “Hopefully next year we will be able to stay the entire time!”

Although the rest of the group was gone before the March began, Rosenfeldt was able to stay for a few extra hours. She experienced part of the March and was overall very pleased with the extra time she spent there despite the cold and the snow.

“It’s really cool to have an experience bigger than yourself, gathering with pro-lifers from all around the country for the same cause,” she said. “Sometimes you feel like it’s not the common belief at all, but there you had thousands of people supporting it.”

Though their plans may have been changed due to poor weather conditions, the Knights for Life still made use of a great opportunity to show support for the cause they believe in, and they managed to stay safe through the brutal winter storm as well.

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