Serving Through Seroogy’s Chocolates


Running is a universal pastime that can be exercised, no pun intended, to benefit the community. The Seroogy’s 5K/15K run in De Pere, Wis. took place on Saturday, Feb. 6, and the St. Norbert campus organization Turning Responsibility Into Powerful Service (TRIPS), was involved in the run. The student coordinator of the event, Allison Parra ’16, and a group of 19 students handed out Seroogy’s chocolate bars at the finish line. Additionally, the TRIPS program received funding for volunteering at this event, and the remaining funds will be used to bring fifth-grade students from St. Anthony School in Milwaukee, Wis. to the St. Norbert campus.

The TRIPS program is an alternative break service program that allows students the opportunity to voyage nationally and internationally while serving others in need with religious and personal integrities. The opportunity that the TRIPS program offers students of St. Norbert College is an empowering privilege.

As a part of the TRIPS program, students from SNC will be going to St. Anthony to assist the school district. Many of the volunteers from this event have previously gone or are going on this specific trip in the spring.

In addition to the funds earned at the Seroogy’s run, the TRIPS program can give children the opportunity to view the realm of college and get them excited for their futures in education.

According to TRIPS volunteer Jenna Decker ’18, “Volunteering at events such as these is a great way to give back to a community that has done so much for St. Norbert College and its TRIPS program. Service is one of the best ways to bring people together, and I am so happy to be part of a program that focuses on that.”

The power of service is an incredible attribute to the dynamic of a community. The TRIPS program here at St. Norbert College engaged in a community event that earned funds that will engage the community of St. Anthony School with our own. Each engagement centers our minds to one crucial aspect: service.

This type of service in our community will affect the lives of children we may not even know from Milwaukee. Broadly, the TRIPS program, or any organization on campus that volunteers, may improve people’s lives on a global scale. Whether you are running a 5K for chocolates or serving others in less noticeable ways, remember that the relatively small initiative to serve can make a greater impact than we may think.

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