Athlete Spotlight: D.J. DeValk


Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Philosophy

Hometown: Little Chute, WI

Position(s): Point Guard

Favorite genre of music: Rap

Pregame ritual: Prayer to my grandpa during the national anthem

Favorite movie: “Friday”

Favorite quote: Know your role, do your job.

Favorite food: Tacos

Why are you in, or like the Major that you’ve chosen?

    It’s very interesting, and the readings are usually fun and all of the teachers are cool.

Besides sports what is your favorite hobby/pastime?

    Kicking it with my friends

Who is a person who has inspired greatly you and why? 

My grandpa: He was a great man who always pushed me to be the best I could. I just want to make him proud.

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Dr. Chan: He likes basketball and is cool.

Dr. Mann: He’s the most interesting teacher I had and always kept me engaged.Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.21.40 PM.png

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