The Trump Card


I am frightened for the future of America. Democrat, Republican, Independent, you have to be scared for the political future of our country when Donald Trump is polling well in his run to become the Republican nominee for the next President of the United States.

I normally don’t invest too much time or effort into certain candidates until there are only two or three names on the final ticket. Why would I begin to care passionately about a candidate only to have them drop out two months later because they no longer could afford to run for president? I wait until the masses have picked apart every candidate and analyzed every tweet, text and email they have sent. Once the carcasses are drying up in the sun, that’s when I look over the damage and see which one would still be able to survive another four years of scrutiny.

But when I saw the man who coined the phrase “You’re fired.” on his reality TV show giving a speech about how well he did in NH, I began to wonder if this was how the world was going to end. We would go down in a fiery fury of faux hair and racist comments.

Politics naturally bring drama, but this year’s election has been riding on Ozzy Ozbourne’s “Crazy Train” from the outset. Who would have thought that out of the entire sea of Republican candidates that Donald Trump would have lasted through it all? Through the sexist comments, the talks of dating his daughter and his meme-worthy hair, somehow people still stand by him.

Yet one has to wonder: Why? Why now? Why him? Why America?  The U.S. is already in enough unrest; Donald Trump is not so much the solution as an example of the problem. How messed up can our system be that he got this far?

Donald Trump is wealthy. He has buildings named after him, and he is a successful business person. Being able to contribute a vast physical wealth for his candidacy allows Trump more freedom to be unbiased in where he puts his support. However, his personality, lack of tact and enormous ego are anything but flattering. He contradicts himself, he embarrasses himself and, if we elect him, he will embarrass America on a global scale.

It’s fun to think, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if that guy became the next president of the United States?” It’s another thing when that joke begins to come true. My only hope is that if by some weird mess up of our political system, he gets elected into office that someday soon after Congress will get the sweet revenge and irony to tell Donald Trump, “You’re fired.”Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.36.00 PM.png

Trump speaks at first GOP Debate – Aug. 6, 2015 | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo


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