8 Weeks Left, Let’s Make Them Great


Week 8:

The National Sleep Foundation recommends at least eight hours of sleep a night for your overall health and well-being. We all believe that we are indestructible, and that we should be able to overcome our sleep debt with a cup of coffee and a smile. Unfortunately, stimulants like coffee and energy drinks interfere with our circadian rhythm or natural sleep cycle. It may be hard to do, but let’s focus on getting eight hours of sleep a night for the next eight weeks.

Week 7:

In a week there are seven days; each day is 24 hours long. Within seven days of a week, many people barely find the time to breathe amidst a hectic schedule. Take the number seven as a wake-up call, to realize how little time we have to spend time with the ones we love, to accomplish our greatest aspirations and appreciate the time we have.

Week 6:

The average number of minutes a person should exercise a day is 60 minutes. Think about it. An entire hour of the day must be spent building up a sweat and losing our caloric intake. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins that make us feel happy and helps to improve our sleep cycle. In the eight weeks left, remember to devote some of this time to getting your 60 minutes of physical exercise everyday to ensure a healthy body and a happy mind!

Week 5:

In our bodies, we have five natural senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Many people take for granted the blessing of the ability to use all five senses, so for week five, let’s devote our appreciation to the fact that we are able to experience the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures of life.

Week 4:

With four seasons in a year, we plan our year based on what classes we’d like to take in the fall, what jobs are available to work during the winter break, what classes are available for spring and what job will make us the most money in the summer. Among all the yearly planning and goal setting, people seem to forget that we are human and that we deserve to take time to do what we love. A focus for week four is to plan a vacation, an event, a get together or an aspiration that will make us happiest and to accomplish it.

Week 3:

A focus for week three is for us to strive to eat three square meals a day. Nutrition is essential to the energy we use in a day to function and for our bodies to have an optimal health level. We all have those two or three days each week when we forget to eat breakfast or forget a meal in general because classes, extracurricular activities and every aspect of our collegiate lives seems to inhibit our daily nutrition. Strive to eat three square meals a day to have more energy, a healthier body and a happier mind.

Week 2:

We have two hands. Our two hands can only juggle so many things in life. For week two simply remember to not overcommit yourself. Remember that we are human, and that we need the time to relax with our two hands unoccupied.

Week 1:

As far as week one goes, focus on yourself. It is time to focus on you being one individual, one human being. Focus your attention on all the great things that you have accomplished this semester, and how much you have to look forward to in your future semesters at St. Norbert College. Or if you are graduating, focus on how much you have accomplished during your four years here. It is time to celebrate you!


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