Cuts for a Cause


Knights for Life held their second annual hair drive on Saturday, March 5, and the results were much more than expected.

“My favorite part about this year’s drive in particular is the fact that a bunch of people who hadn’t registered came to donate. Only three ladies had registered, so to have so many unregistered ladies show up was great,” said Kristen Sorenson ’17, secretary of Knights for Life.

Ten women donated their hair in order to join in this program. Eight girls donated their hair on site, along with two women who brought in their pre-cut ponytails. There was enough hair donated to put together 33 ponytails in all, each ponytail being eight inches long. In total, over 264 inches of hair was donated.

Knights for Life teamed up with Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Campaign, which is where the hair will be sent. After the hair is sent to Pantene, it will be made into wigs and given to women suffering from cancer at no cost. Pantene has partnered with the American Cancer Society in order to distribute the wigs to those who are in need.

Pantene and the American Cancer Society have donated over 42,000 wigs to date, and Knights for Life has added to this escalating number.

Knights for Life got this idea when Sorenson, during her sophomore year, watched a video about a group who did a very similar thing. When Knights for Life was looking for new activities to get involved in, Sorenson suggested a hair drive. After some research, the group decided Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Campaign was the best group to donate the hair to.

Knights for Life focuses on pro-life activities but is not limited just to hair drives. It hosts educational speakers, volunteers with pro-life organizations, spreads awareness of life issues and more. For their next event, they are planning a joint dance with the Ballroom Club and Alpha Xi Delta. All of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks. More information is to come, and the dance is tentatively set to be on April 15.

Knights for Life is hoping to continue to have an annual hair drive. For those interested in joining Knight for Life or getting involved in activities, or for those who have any questions, students are welcome to email Emily Hacker at or Mary Paplham at


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