Do Diplomas Equal Careers?


Why I am I going to school? To meet people? To gain experience? To earn a degree? The fact is that college was the natural progression for me after high school; I never gave any thought to why I was actually applying to and attending college except that I knew having a degree would help me in my future career.

Now, as a senior, looking back at why I initially decided to go to college, I don’t think I gave any thought to why college would actually help me. I would spend another four years in school, receive a diploma and hopefully move on to a career I enjoyed. College was a stepping-stone.

Class was just something I needed to pass in order to get to my ultimate goal of graduating. But when looking at classes and a degree as something you just have to “get through,” you do not get everything you could out of college, and you waste both your time and money.

We are meant to learn basic rules, facts and theories, and when we are released into our after-college lives, we are able to have complex conversations, apply our knowledge in our careers and appreciate a new dimension of the world because our minds were broadened from our education.

Our degree does not guarantee us a job or a career. It’s how we apply our degree and the experience we gain that helps us toward our ultimate career. Many of us feel entitled to a lucrative job after we pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for our education. Do we not realize everything we have already received from our classes, classmates and professors?

Although college is pricey, we gain so much more than a diploma. We create relationships, expand our minds and, yes, receive proof that we passed our classes and graduate college. A lot of us just don’t realize how much we are missing by simply trying to pass our classes. Take advantage of your professors and your classes. Every day you are getting your money’s worth as you sit in class and soak in the knowledge.

When you skip class, sleep in or do the bare minimum, you are only screwing yourself over. You still may graduate but you didn’t get everything you could have out of college. If you walk out of this institution, diploma in hand and wonder if it was worth it, I pity you. College may not be the best time of your life, but you were blessed enough to receive a priceless education: appreciate it. Not everyone is able to go to college, so use every minute to the fullest, squeeze every drop out of this education and go out into the world as a confident, competent individual, for you were lucky enough to graduate as a Green Knight!



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