Junk Drawer: Best Albums of 2015


Anastasia: “Future Hearts” by All Time Low


I’ve been listening to All Time Low on and off again since middle school. “Future Hearts”is the album that middle-school me needed to hear. Songs like “Missing You”and “Old Scars (Future Hearts)”would have been good for me to hear when I wasn’t in a good place. Lyrically, I think this is their best album so far. The band has grown a lot in 12 years, and it is nice to see that reflected in their music. Every song on this album is pleasant to listen to.“Dancing with a Wolf”is easily my favorite, since it is a little more intense than the rest of the songs on the album. Out of all of the albums released in 2015, I come back to this one the most.

Austin: “Dark Before Dawn” by Breaking Benjamin


One of my favorite rock bands for many years has been Breaking Benjamin, and with their latest album release after a four-year hiatus, it’s a fantastic welcome back. The album “Dark Before Dawn is Breaking Benjamin’s fifth and features a whole new band behind lead singer Benjamin Burnley. This album is everything you’d expect from Burnley and that much more. The new members, coming from multiple different bands, each add their own mark to the overall sound while staying true to the band’s original ways. Some of my favorite songs off the album include, “Failure,” “Ashes of Eden,” “Angel’s Fall” and “Defeated.”  Breaking Benjamin’s latest album displays fantastic instrumentals and more of the powerful vocals from Benjamin Burnley that fans have come to expect. “Dark Before Dawn is a fantastic welcome back for this band and places itself firmly as my favorite album from 2015.

Ben: “Beneath the Skin” by Of Monsters and Men


With Of Monsters and Men’s 2012 debut album “My Head is an Animal,” the Icelandic band quickly became one of my favorite artists. In June 2015, their second album, “Beneath the Skin,”blew me away. All 11 songs (15 with the deluxe version) are rhythmically unique but with enough style to remind us that this is distinctly O.M.A.M. The band members are also great lyricists; songs like “Human”and “Empire”read like poetry. Another interesting artistic choice O.M.A.N did was to release eight unnerving and fascinating colorless music videos featuring a close and intimate shot of a person singing along to the song. One final fun fact: “The Good Dinosaur”used the band’s song “Crystals”for their movie trailers.

Samantha: “25” by Adele


I’m afraid that when it comes to albums, I fall on the short side of acquiring or even knowing what to look for. But I do know artists, and one artist that continually seems to catch my attention is Adele. Her voice is powerful, unique and impressive when paired with the songs she sings. Her album “25” is the third album she has released, and it continues to awe in sales as 19 million copies have been sold worldwide. Her song “Hello” has been played on the radio enough to be well known and has even inspired parodies on shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The album itself has a nostalgic feel to it, with themes of regret and motherhood. Whether or not Adele is a favorite of yours, her songs are worth a listen if you’re not “running out of time.”


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