Sun, Sand and Sea: The Ultimate College Spring Break


Spring Break is just around the corner, which means no more homework and some much-needed days off from school. It is time to relax and enjoy time to yourself or time to have a great week with all your friends. If the second option sounds better to you, here are some options that you may want to consider. These are the top five Spring Break destinations for college students.

Austin, Texas: The music festivals are one of the biggest attractions in Austin. The South by Southwest festival is one of their biggest and most fun festivals. If you are looking for great concert of any musical genre, the South by Southwest Festival runs from March 11-20.

St. James, Barbados: On this tropical island, you can enjoy beautiful weather and drink fancy cocktails or natural fruit juices under a palm tree. There are so many activities on the beach that you can keep busy all day long, and night is the perfect time to go out dancing.

Miami Beach, Fla.: It’s an excellent, multicultural travel destination. People from all around the globe visit this beach to have a good time. Spring Break is the best time of the year to visit this lovely place because the weather is warm and the rainy season has not started yet.

Los Angeles, Calif.: The perfect combination of the city life and the beach. You can enjoy the best downtown attractions, or you can go to the beach and get a really nice tan.

Cancun, Mexico: This is one of the most affordable destinations in the Western Hemisphere. You can actually pay less than $600 for an all-inclusive package. If you want to party hard, this is the place you should go. This is the best atmosphere with cheerful people that just want to have fun and party until tomorrow.

Whatever your plans are for this Spring Break, be sure to enjoy it fully. Have fun with your friends or family and make it one to remember! However, always be aware of the possible dangerous situations, and don’t put yourself under any kind of unnecessary risk. Happy Spring Break!


The band Indians perform outdoors at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin. | Josh Haner/New York Times


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