Combat Spring Fever 2016


Coming back from spring break is difficult enough, but with the nice weather and clear skies ahead, focusing on the rest of the semester and actually getting school work done seems almost impossible. Although we all know in the backs of our minds that school is still very much in session—at least for the next six weeks—we are all wishing that we could snap our fingers and be back on the beach sipping fruity drinks and soaking up the sun. With these relaxing and peaceful beach scenes fresh in mind from Spring Break, how’s a student supposed to get back to the daily grind of being a full-time college student? Here are three easy ways to keep your focus while still benefiting from the spring weather!

  1. Start exercising outdoors. We all have that spring fever that kicks in around this time of year. Nothing is worse than being only halfway through your 8 a.m., looking forward to spending some time outdoors, only to realize you have a full schedule for the rest of the day. Instead of quarantining yourself in the Campus Center cardio room, try going outside for a run. Not only will you get some exercise in, but it’ll be an opportunity to enjoy the spell of warm weather while it lasts!
  2. Budget your time. Nothing will kill the will and motivation to study more than over-studying and only focusing on school work. A person can only spend so many hours each day in the library, diligently studying, before they reach their limit. Most times, after the limit is reached, students lose any and all self-discipline to work on schoolwork, especially once the weather starts to change for the better. A great way to avoid this is by budgeting and scheduling time into the day for study and to leave time for fun, beneficial study breaks. So get that extra workout in, watch that next episode of Grey’s Anatomy or take that hour power nap. Little study breaks like these are much more helpful than sitting for eight hours straight in the library and will help to better motivate you and keep to you on track even when you start to feel yourself waning.
  3. Switch up your closet. It’s that time of the year where we can slowly and cautiously start to move winter snow boots and down jackets towards the back of those small dorm closets and start to bring lighter jackets and shorts towards the front. It may not be shorts-and-flip flops weather yet, but there’s no harm in pulling out more summery tops and dresses, if only to remind yourself that summer is on the horizon, and, with any luck in these last few weeks, those shorts and sandals may see the light of day after a long, cold winter.

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