How to Survive Winter as a Non-Wisconsinite


As a person that is not used to the winter season, it has been a totally new and interesting experience. Winter mode takes full force for Wisconsinites. Everybody brings out their coats, mittens, boots and scarfs from the back of their closets, cranks up their heat and gets ready for three months of low—very low—temperatures.

Even the most daily activities change: you have to wake up early to clean the snow off your car and turn it on so you will not freeze inside. There is also always the problem with cell phones and mittens or gloves, as it is nearly impossible to text while you are outside.

It was kind of hard to get used to the idea of undressing every time you enter a place. Taking off all the layers of clothes and after a few moments putting everything on again in order to go out became a habit after a while. Then when you are finally outside you just want to get inside again, because nobody wants to spend time outside. There are no walks to the park or a fun barbeque with friends.

However, winter is better than how it sounds. If you take some time to look through the window and see all the snowflakes falling with a cup of hot cocoa or a dark coffee, it can actually be comforting and relaxing. When you can´t go outside, you can enjoy some fun board games with family and friends or just watch a movie under plenty of blankets.

Building snowmen, making snow angels and sledding like a little kid were some of the most fun things I have ever done. I understand that after a couple of winters these activities are not that fun anymore, but I think that everybody should at least do it once every winter, just to appreciate the small things and never let our inner child die.

I had to learn to love the winter. it was hard and not that fun sometimes, but it is a wonderful season, and I am sure I will miss it when I go back home.Features_Camila_Winter1.jpg


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