Swingin’ Into Spring


The winter blues are over, and spring is here to stay! It is time to escape the confined space of St. Norbert College and to get outside in De Pere! These five things will get you outside and active this Spring!

  1. Take a walk, bike ride or rollerblade on the Fox River Trail! Escape the stuffy library and studying and get active! Release your energy on a nice day and enjoy the outdoors. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful trail close to our campus. Enjoy the limited months of nice weather here in Northeast Wisconsin.
  2. Zesty’s Custard in De Pere is finally open for the season. Take a walk on the Fox River Trail to Zesty’s and treat yourself for your hard work this semester. From their delicious sundaes to their tempting flavors of the day, there is something for every sweet tooth! Although Culver’s custard is amazing, there is something special about custard from a locally owned business. Support local and go to Zesty’s!
  3. Check out a new restaurant! Getting sick and tired of the same old cafeteria food? Rally your friends for a fun dinner out. Island Sushi and El Presidente are both within walking distance. Both places offer reasonable prices for students and a delicious break from on-campus food!
  4. Sick of the studying in your dorm room or the library? Grab your sunglasses and get a start on your summer tan, all while studying. Sit out by the docks and enjoy the views of the Fox River. Sunshine and good friends help to make studying a lot more fun!
  5. Go to Bay Beach in Green Bay! Find a friend with a car and go on a fun adventure to Bay Beach. Although it does not open until Saturday, May 7, there is still time during finals week for some fun. Scream as loud as you can on Elvis’ favorite ride Zippin’ Pippin with your roommate or relive your childhood by going high in the sky on the swings. The options are endless at Bay Beach. It is never too late to relive your childhood and indulge in pure fun.


Zesty’s Frozen Custard on Riverside Drive opens for summer beginning April 7 | GreenBay.com


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