Junk Drawer: Best Villains


Anastasia: Grand Admiral Thrawn from “Star Wars” Legends

Entertainment_JunkDrawer_Grand Admiral Thrawn

My favorite villain comes from the “Star Wars”Extended Universe (known as Legends since Disney bought the franchise). Grand Admiral Thrawn is the only alien Grand Admiral under Emperor Palpatine. He’s calm, logical and almost always appears to be at least three steps ahead. Not only did he believe in stopping threats, he also believed in stopping all potential threats. Thrawn had a deep appreciation for art, and would take time to study the artwork of different cultures so he could better understand his enemies. He united the Empire against the New Republic, and would have likely been successful if he wasn’t (spoiler) assassinated.

Austin: The Joker from “The Dark Knight”


One of my favorite and  most iconic villain roles that I’ve ever seen has to be Heath Ledger’s iteration of the Joker. His final performance as the Joker was creepy, intense and perfectly acted. In my opinion, it solidified the fact that Heath Ledger was born to play this role. There were many doubts that Heath Ledger would be able to play this iconic character, but Heath’s creepy red smile and haunting laugh were burned into many people’s minds in the best of ways. “The Dark Knight” is regarded as one of the best comic book film adaptations of all time, and this is largely due to Heath’s performance of a lifetime as Batman’s arch nemesis. Heath’s Joker role will go down as one of the best of all time and rightfully so. He was able to make his mark on film and the comic book world before his unfortunate death shortly before the film’s release in 2008. I thank you, Heath, for one of the most mesmerizing and unforgettable villain performances of all time.

Ben: Dr. Ock from “Spider-Man 2”


For me, “Spider-Man 2”is my favorite of the series starring Tobey Maguire, and a large part is due to the super villain Doctor Otto Octavius, AKA: Doc Ock. I remember as a kid watching the film and not understanding a word about “nuclear fusion”or “inhibitor chip”or “artificial intelligence,” but I also remember not caring one bit. I just thought Doc Ock was awesome. With his four extra limbs, the guy could do what no man has ever done before: multitask. All the fight scenes with Doc Ock were incredibly intense—the bank, the train and the docks—though my favorite moment is when he interrupts Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s Date/Not-Date at the diner. I still think his sacrifice at the end is one of the best super villain redemption moments in a superhero film.

Samantha: Loki from “The Avengers”


This is mostly due to my obsession with Tom Hiddleston, but Loki is an excellent villain without being so diabolical as to not be likable. I think Hiddleston captures the essence of the character. Plus, I’m a fan of Norse Mythology just as a general rule. Loki has been in his brother’s shadow his entire life, and though he has powers of his own, he has needed to rely on his brains and not his brawn if things need to get done. Granted, I do not condone his taking over the world via fear and bullying, but somewhere deep down his intensions were probably pure. Probably. Hopefully we will see more of him in the upcoming Marvel movies.


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