SNC Is Better Together


St. Norbert College celebrated Better Together Day on Wednesday, April 6 through Thursday, April 7, 2016. Better Together day was celebrated nation wide on April 7, and was created by Interfaith Youth Core to encourage people of different worldviews and religious traditions to come together in a movement that makes a change for the better.

Interfaith Youth Core is an organization that promotes this type of action, particularly on college campuses. St. Norbert College joined in this celebration with multiple events and discussions and brought people together to emphasize that working together is better.

On April 6, SNC students participated in a day of service where they went out into the community and offered help to De Pere Christian Outreach and the Food Pantry. This was sponsored by the Norman Miller Center and Campus Ministry. Following that, students ate lunch in the Cassandra Voss Center and had a discussion about the influence of religion or worldview on their service, and similar questions.

April 7 marked the official Better Together Day, where students dressed in blue could be seen outside, giving out information and snacks to show their support and celebration. They also gave students an opportunity to paint a wooden chair in an artistic response to the question, “What does interfaith cooperation look like in the world?”

In the evening, the Norman Miller Center held an event called Speed-Faithing, where members of the SNC community gathered in the Campus Center to talk and answer questions about their religion. Maggie McConnaha ’18, who is currently an intern at the Norman Miller Center, thought all of the events had a great turn-out.

When asked why it was important to celebrate Better Together Day on campus, McConnaha replied, “There is no way any major threat to the world, be it war, climate change, racial violence, gender inequality or poverty, will be solved without the work of multiple religions and worldviews working together. The best way to work together is to understand where the others are coming from, and the sooner individuals’ start practicing that, the better change-makers they will become. Starting in college prepares young people to be equipped to serve.”

That type of thinking is the goal Interfaith Youth Core wants everyone to reach through Better Together Day, and as is typical for St. Norbert, people of the community came together to support that cause.


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