When Mother Nature Interferes With Sports


Mother Nature has not been cooperating with spring sporting events. Many have been postponed or canceled, and with temperatures below normal, and precipitation seemingly at an increase, fields may become flooded or soggy throughout the area. Cold temperatures are another nuisance, making it hard to play a full game, or a game at all.

As of now, about half way through the spring season, Men’s and Women’s Track and Field have only cancelled one meet this year due to weather. The Ripon College Invitational, on April 1, has been the only competition thus far into the season.

Women’s Softball has canceled or postponed three times, with one being a big double header game April 13 against previous conference winners, Lawrence University.

Men’s Baseball has also cancelled or postponed games due to weather.

While there are only a few weeks left of an already short season, the weather can still be unknown and the possibility of having to postpone or cancel a game is still likely. So what happens when a game is cancelled or postponed when seasons are shorter and playoff placement is on the line?

Tim Bald, St. Norbert’s Athletic Director said, “Priority always goes to conference rescheduled contests first and then the non-conference games, if possible.  We have to play the conference games…”

Hopefully the rest of the season cooperates with the Green Knights, because according to Bald, if the Green Knights play fewer contests than other schools, that could affect the selection committee’s decisions come playoff time. With hopes of weather keeping up with the Green Knight schedule, we hope to see many of the St. Norbert teams among playoff teams toward the end of the school year.


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