A Second Call for All Hands On Deck


For students at St. Norbert College, it was hard to miss the multiple Facebook posts, emails and social media posts about All Hands on Deck Day. But what is All Hands on Deck Day?

On Wednesday, April 27, St. Norbert College reached out to the community, alumni and current students with one mission in mind: to help potential new students meet the rising costs of a college education. This is the second year All Hands On Deck day occurred, breaking records last year and now raising a grand total of $224,118.83 this year.

The campus was buzzing with activity, and as students walked across campus, it was hard to miss the big tent in front of Main Hall, which offered students free snacks, coffee and a chance to take priceless pictures with Norby Knight as well as their friends.

With the enrollment numbers skyrocketing at SNC, it has always been their mission to make it an affordable possibility for all, and All Hands on Deck Day exists for that reason alone. St. Norbert College strives to make it the biggest day of giving ever to the St. Norbert Fund, with this money going towards financial aid for students. Anonymous donors have been generous enough to match the donations dollar for dollar in hopes to help St. Norbert College become an opportunity for anyone that is thinking of attending.

Through social media, the reasons of why alumni and students gave money to St. Norbert were endless. This allowed students and alumni to show how grateful they are for their education at SNC.

“I could not have gone to St. Norbert College without the help of others. Now it’s my turn to give back,” said Stacy Handeland ’98 in a tweet using the popular hashtag #allhandsSNC.

With roughly 98 percent of St. Norbert College students receiving financial aid, and 65 percent of students receiving St. Norbert College scholarships and grants, the money donated during All Hands on Deck Day is sure to be put to good use.

To see the total amount, along with a list of generous donors and to see other opportunities to help St. Norbert College students, visit http://giving.snc.edu.


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