Encouragement to the Final Stretch


May is approaching, finals are coming and the student body begins to sweat in anticipation of the dreaded finals week. Finals seems to be the time when everyone stresses about their classes, grades and what last-minute tasks they need to accomplish to make that final stretch of the year.

Those graduating will feel the apprehension of beginning a new chapter in their lives, wherever their paths may take them. Those students who are destined to remain at St. Norbert College one, two or three more years will feel the pressures of succeeding in order maintain their futuristic expectations of their degree and career pursuit. Sometimes when the world and time seem to be moving at an unfathomable speed, students tend to give up and surrender what motivation they need to cross that finish line. On the contrary, let the speed of time motivate you.

Think about all that you’ve achieved this year, the relationships you’ve made and the great memories you have experienced as the year has progressed. Remember the little things that have made you happy day to day. Ponder how the classes you have taken have improved your knowledge in your major and in the important themes of life. Appreciate every moment that has molded you in the past nine months into the person you are now.

Time is merely a concept that we experience but we pay no attention to. Now is the time to reflect, acknowledge and appreciate. When you feel the pressure of finishing the year with good grades, perfect endings and memorable goodbyes, remember the time. Remember the good times, the bad times and the time it took to get you to where you are now in life. Let the speed and warp of time motivate you to achieve the level of greatness that each of you uphold through the person you’ve become in your time at St. Norbert College.


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