“Game of Thrones”: Test Your Knowledge!


Considering the newest season of HBO’s popular television series “Game of Thrones” started up recently, I figured thy knowledge should be tested! If you are unable to wield a sword, arm yourself with rapier wit and if you are not as clever as you once believed, watch a few episodes and see if that jogs your memory. Winter may be coming in Westeros, but here in Wis. let’s hope it has passed and welcome our long-awaited summer. Enjoy!

1.The Stark family adopted six direwolf cubs in season one. What was the name of Jon Snow’s direwolf?

A.Grey Wind



2.What was the name of the assault Stannis Baratheon lead on King’s Landing in season two?

A.Battle of Blackwater Bay

B.Battle of King’s Landing

C.Battle of Harrenhal

3.What are the zombie-like creatures that roam the other side of the Wall called?

A.Winter Walkers

B.White Walkers

C.Cold Ones

4.Who is the leader of the Wildlings, AKA The King Beyond the Wall?

A.Theon Greyjoy

B.Jon Snow

C.Mance Rayder

5.What is the name of the Red Priestess who worships the Lord of Light?




6.What is the name of a person who can enter the minds of animals?


B.A warg


7.What is the name of the Stark ancestral sword Tywin Lannister melts in season four?




8.What is NOT one of Daenerys Targaryen’s titles?

A.Mother of Dragons

B.Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea

C.Lady Regent of Westeros

9.The deadly disease that the late Princess Shireen had was called. . .?






B.Hodor. . .



Quiz Solutions 

And now that you have gone through the questions, here are the answers which you seek:

Answer to number 1: Jon Snow’s direwolf is named Ghost. He’s been pretty helpful the past few seasons.

Answer to number 2: The Battle of Blackwater Bay was Stannis Baratheon’s attempt to claim King’s Landing. That didn’t go over too well.

Answer to number 3: White Walkers are the creepy, icy creatures that have been moving ever closer south since the first season.

Answer to number 4: Mance Rayder was the leader of the group of people known as Wildlings.

Answer to number 5: The Red Priestess, also known as Melisandre, has been an eerie figure for a few seasons now. Who is this Lord of Light she worships? Who knows.

Answer to number 6: A warg is someone who has the ability to step into the minds of animals, much like our young friend Bran Stark.

Answer to number 7: The Stark ancestral sword is called Ice, and made of Valyrian steel. This is actually based on a real type of steel called Damascus steel. The secret to making it was lost in the 8th century.

Answer to number 8: Though Dany carries many names, Lady Regent of Westeros is not one of them.

Answer to number 9: Greyscale is the disease that turns people into living statues, and this was loosely based off of leprosy.

Answer to number 10: HODOR! Hodor Hodor. There are actually 70 ways to Hodor.

How many did you get correct?



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