Icy Docks, Fiery Passion


Even with a slow and cold start to spring, the St. Norbert College Rowing team has hit the water shortly after spring break and will practice up until finals week on the Fox River.

“The team was very eager to get into the water after a long winter of indoor practice on the ergs (rowing machines) and land training.”, says rower Olivia Durocher.

With early morning practices, their first week on the water was anything but warm and bubbly. “It was maybe 20 degrees our first week on the water, making it difficult to dress properly to accommodate the necessities of flexibility and warmth”, says Elizabeth Heckenlaible, senior on the rowing team.

Now that it has warmed up, the team has found it easier to direct their physical and mental focus on the water, according to Durocher.

While the rowers have a fall and spring season, they look for optimum opportunities to participate in multiple regattas.  This spring season they had a fairly short season, they originally had two regattas scheduled; the Milwaukee Open at MSOE and the Bent Hammer at SNC. However, due to the cold conditions, other weather issues and lack of participation, they had to cancel both regattas.

While the SNC Rowing team is done after finals week, local St. Norbert College students are welcome to participate in regattas with the La Baie Verte Rowing Club in preparation for next fall as well as offering Learn to Row classes that encourage involvement in this fun sport.

Regardless of the weather and lack of participation in regattas, Durocher found the spring rewarding to get back on the water and feel how much they have improved over the winter.

With the sun rising earlier and setting late, the two remaining weeks of school you can find the fiery passions of our own SNC rowers burning bright on the Fox River.


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