Kestly on Graduating: A Senior Reflection


The Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2016 is set to take place on Sunday, May 15, at 1:30 p.m. on the Campus Center quad. Hannah Kestly ’16, a graduating member of the class of 2016 and current News Editor for the St. Norbert Times, decided to share her thoughts in the form of a senior reflection as her time at St. Norbert College is coming to a close.

Kestly first joined the St. Norbert Times during her freshman year, with the intention of becoming a member on the photography and/or layout team to utilize her yearbook experience from high school. However, when she interviewed with the then editor-in-chief of the paper, the only open positions available were as writers.

“I have always loved to write and enjoy journaling during my free time,” said Kestly. “I had never considered journalism or newspaper writing as an option for me before. But I knew that I wanted to be a member of the paper, so I took the plunge and said yes when I was offered a position as a News writer!”

Fast forward three years later, and Kestly has stuck with News throughout her four years here at St. Norbert College, spending the past two and a half years as the News Editor.

“Writing and editing for News has broadened my knowledge of events going on throughout campus and the surrounding community, improved my interviewing skills and allowed me a chance to publish my writing in an authentic format,” said Kestly. “While News may not necessarily be everyone’s favorite section, it will always hold a special place in my heart.”

In fact, News holds such a special place in Kestly’s heart that writing her senior reflection was rather quite difficult for her. After all, she had been writing in the formal News APA style for the past four years. How could she write an article in a format that was anything but News? Thus this article came to be.

Kestly will complete her undergraduate career at St. Norbert College with a major in Elementary Education (Middle Childhood Early Adolescence Certification) and minors in Language Arts, English as a Second Language, and Art. Kestly is also a proud member of the Honors Program and would like to thank Honors for all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences she had because of it.

The past four years at SNC have gone by in the blink of an eye for Kestly, and she cannot believe that graduation is just a mere 12 days away.

“I don’t think I will realize that it’s my time to graduate until I’m actually in my cap and gown on May 15,” said Kestly. “I’m incredibly sad to say goodbye to SNC and many of the friends I’ve made here, but I’m also ready to get out into the real word and start my adult life.”

Kestly has been no short of busy during her senior year. She spent her first semester completing her student teaching placements in first and eighth grade and loving it. During this spring semester, one can find Kestly power-walking across campus carrying at least two bags, drinking coffee in Ed’s while attempting to apply for jobs or hiding out in the Busch Art Center making art in the painting and sculpture studios.

Currently, Kestly is on the job hunt for a teaching job somewhere within the greater Green Bay Area. Although she will be certified to teach first through eighth grade, Kestly is tentatively leaning towards finding a teaching job at a middle school somewhere in the area.

“If you ask me where I’m going to be a few months from now, I don’t have that answer for you,” said Kestly. “I don’t quite know yet what my future holds for me, but I do hope that when September rolls around I will have a classroom of my own and be on the way to starting my first year as an official teacher, and figuring out the rest along the way.”

Kestly would like to thank her family, friends and the SNC faculty and staff for helping her grow and change for the better throughout her undergraduate time at St. Norbert College. She will always cherish the memories she created and experienced at the place she refers to as like her second home, St. Norbert College.



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