Last Summer, Last Chance


The highlight to our years as kids is summertime. Three glorious months filled with camp, swimming, hanging out with friends, eating unhealthy amounts of ice cream and nights spent falling asleep to itching your mosquito bites. As a kid, it seems as if you will never grow up and that summer will always be around. In high school, summer starts to take a shift and is suddenly filled with babysitting or working a part-time job. By the time college is here, summer is filled with internships and full-time jobs. These are the last summers of freedom, so let’s celebrate that and live it to the fullest! Here are five things to do this summer to celebrate the independence and sweetness of summertime.

1. Spend a day reliving your childhood. On a day off from work, spend a day doing the things you did in the summer as a kid. Maybe it’s camping, riding your bike to the local Dairy Queen, playing in the sprinkler or even watching your old favorite Disney Channel Original Movies. Chances are you will make new memories while recreating the old.

2. Take a spontaneous trip. Whether is be a road trip with your best friends halfway across the country or an hour drive to a place you’ve never explored with your parents, now is the time to travel! Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Check out AirBnB or go to a city where you can stay with family or friends. With gas prices the lowest they have been in a long time, now is the time to check out your Pinterest Board and explore a new place!

3. Stay active! Spend your afternoon tailgating at a baseball game, join a softball team, go running this summer or swim some laps at the local pool. Keep your body fit this summer. Before your days are spent glued to an office chair, get out and move!

4. Spend time outside. Go to the beach with your friends (remember your sunscreen!), play sports outside, go to an outdoor play or simply relax on your patio. In the Midwest, most of the year is bitterly cold or snowy. In the summer months it is essential to soak up some Vitamin D, get a little color and enjoy the outdoors! Don’t waste your summer simply watching Netflix in your bed. The sun is waiting for you outside!

5. Have ice cream for dinner. Nothing says summer like ice cream! Go to Zesty’s, Culver’s,  Dairy Queen or your favorite local ice cream shop! Relax, eat as much ice cream as you can, act like a kid and enjoy the last moments of freedom. Summer will always be around, but summers of freedom come to an end. Enjoy it!

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