Say Goodbye


Why it has to be so hard to say goodbye? When you just meet a perfect stranger that comes into your life, you simply don’t care. However after becoming friends, it doesn’t matter for how long; It could be 1 month, 1 year or 10 years it becomes so hard to realize and accept that you might not see each other again.

Studying abroad was the most incredible, fun, challenging, changing experience of my entire life. I really can´t believe that it has been already 9 months since the first day that I arrived at St. Norbert College. I have travel to a lot of places, cities and towns; meet people from countries all over the world; lived simple things like doing an American style bonfire with s’mores to big things like going skiing in the mountains of Wisconsin, and visiting Arizona´s dessert.

Now it is over and looking back I will do it again a hundred times. I am taking with me beautiful memories and also friendships that hopefully I´ll keep for many more years. Everybody has started the countdown and it is weird to think that I am leaving a place that I called home for almost a year.

Start looking for souvenirs, putting down the pictures of the walls of my room and start saying the saddest combination of words: “The Last”. The last article for the newspaper, the last time I´ll have this class, the last time I´ll go to the Caf, the last picture at the SNC main arch etc. Maybe I am too optimistic but I refuse to say the last time I’ll see my friends, and I mean it I am sure we´ll meet again.

At the end life goes on. The only thing that you can do is remember the good times. Try to keep in touch with the old friends, show the thousands of pictures to everybody back home and the days that you feel like your life can´t be more blurring just look at the photos over and over again.

The end is just around the corner and wish I can say I’m prepared. But I´m sacred, sad, confused and with so many emotions that I can´t fully express, the only thing I´m sure of is that I don’t want to SAY GOODBYE.

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