Save Money. Live Better. College.


Do you find yourself consistently out of money? In debt from student loans? Afraid to check the balance on your debit card, leaving you with no other option but to pray it works whenever you use it? Have a student ID? Well, you’re in luck! Despite the massive amounts of financial stress a college education can create, it can also save you money here and there as long as you have your student ID. Every penny counts, right?


In the mood for fast food? Hit up Culver’s! Forget all those other chains: Culver’s is not only amazing, but it is also offering 10 percent off for St. Norbert College students through the end of September.

Next time you go on a shopping spree be sure to stop by J. Crew, Topshop and Charlotte Russe. Charlotte Russe offers 10 percent off with the presentation of a student ID. Topshop gives students a 10 percent discount, as well, and J. Crew offers 15 percent off regularly priced items for students.

Instead of spending money on buying songs $1.29 at a time on iTunes, sign up for Spotify Premium. Not only can you stream just about any genre of music, anywhere, ad-free, but students get a discounted monthly fee of $4.99 instead of $9.99 a month.

Try out a yoga class for your next work out: right around the corner on Main Street, JenStar Yoga & Dance offers special prices for students, including a $10 drop-in fee for any class, or a reduced price of $79 for one month of unlimited classes.

Not only can you get student discounts in the De Pere area, but you can also use Custom Cash! Two student favorites are Gallagher’s Pizza and Erbert’s and Gerbert’s, just a hop, skip and jump away from campus. That way, you aren’t spending your own cash, though you might just be a few quarters short the next time you do laundry.

Unfortunately, the Green Bay Metro is no longer offering free rides to students. However, a discounted unlimited rides pass can be bought for $30 a month.

The next time you need an extra dollar or two to save, check out some of these discounts! You can also always ask at any place if they offer student discounts: the worst that can happen is that you have to pay full price.


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