Ask Abbey: Dogs are Smart too!


Do you ever have a question about something but don’t know whom to ask for the answer? If so, there is someone who can help! Her name is Abbey, and she loves chewing on toys and going on long walks. Abbey is currently pursuing a career at the counseling center here on campus. She loves to spend time with people, whether it be a five-minute visit or a whole day full of adventures. Throughout her entire life, Abbey has been extremely social, and she is constantly looking for opportunities to meet new people. If you are wondering where you can find Abbey, she lives next to Old Saint Joe’s and stays with Father Jay Fostner at night.

She is always willing to answer any questions, whether they be about life, liberty or the pursuit of tennis balls.

So far there have only been a few questions sent in to Abbey.

Sopha Ellsworth ’20 asked Abbey, “What is the best way to catch a squirrel?”       According to Abbey, you should keep a close eye on a squirrel and watch its travel patterns before you attempt to snatch it. Maybe even watch the squirrel for about a week, take notes on where it lives and find its favorite tree. After you have kept track of the squirrel, pick a quieter time of the day to retrieve your prize. Make sure to bring a net and maybe some nuts to bait the squirrel. Finally, go to the place you have seen the squirrel the most, then wait. As soon as you see it, snatch the squirrel and then carry it around campus to show everyone how cool you are.

Will Melnarik ’20 asked,  “When you eat dog food, do you separate the vitamins from the actual dog food?”

According to Abbey, all food is an amazing gift from God, and we should eat whatever we are given. Plus, vitamins are super good for everyone. Even though they taste gross, they help people stay healthy. Abbey also admitted that although she knows she should eat the vitamins, sometimes she chooses to just eat the actual kibbles, knowing she will regret it, just like skipping leg day. According to Abbey, dogs need vitamins just like people, but people probably need them more because they are always busy.

Feel free to send Abbey questions anytime, and remember: dogs are smart too!


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