Dorm Living 101


Now that we have been living in our dorms for over a month, there is no doubt that you have noticed differences between you and your neighbors. Whether it’s noise problems, theft or roommate conflicts, the most important thing is knowing how to deal with the problem and not letting it become larger.

Noise problems can happen when you are trying to study or sleep, depending on the hour of the day. To begin addressing the problem, politely ask them to turn down the volume.  If the loud noise continues, especially when it is during quiet hours, you should contact your RA.  If the noise continues after completing the above recommendations, then call campus security.

Sometimes there are problems involving people that have different set of values.  By leaving your door room open or leaving your personal items in the bathroom, you are increasing the risk of your items being stolen. If anything is stolen, report it to your hall director and RA. Also, by keeping your dorm room locked, keeping track of all of your things and not leaving your personal items in public places, you can help prevent your items from being stolen.

Whether you chose your roommate or the selection was completed randomly, there may be a problem that can occur between the two of you. By just talking to your roommate, the problem could possibly be resolved.  It is rare that the problem may resolve itself.  If the problem turns into a larger one, then contacting the RA and the Hall Director should be your next step.

As the school year goes on, there will always be     problems, but the outcome depends on how you address them. There are many resources that are available to help you and certain actions that can be taken. Students need to respect each other and follow St. Norbert’s rules.


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