Falling for Fall


Now that fall is finally showing its long-awaited face (for some), with a crisp chill to the morning air, temperature drops and a slow but steady change in the foliage, many people are looking for things to do before Old Man Winter comes knocking. Luckily for us, De Pere offers a wide variety of things to do this season, from apple picking to corn mazes to campus events!

One of the most popular activities to do in fall is to go apple and pumpkin picking. There is an expansive farm called Apple Valley located right in De Pere at 1670 Mar-El Road. Apple Valley works as a landscaping and corrosion control company, whose headquarters also feature an apple orchard, pumpkin patch and small petting zoo. Apple Valley is a perfect place to spend a fall afternoon, where you can pick your own apples every day of the week. If you have a favorite kind of apple, fear not, because Apple Valley Orchard has everything from Red Delicious to Honey Crisp apples—there’s bound to be something for everyone. The company also has pre-picked apples, gourds, pumpkins and delicious apple cider that’s simply good for the soul.

Another great place to visit is the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, which can be found at 1660 East Shore Drive in Green Bay. The wildlife sanctuary sprawls over 700 acres, featuring animal exhibits, hiking and skiing trails and various educational events throughout the year. It is also home to the largest park in the Green Bay Park System , as well as the second largest wildlife rehabilitation program in Wis. In fact, the park is cited to care for more than 4,500 injured and orphaned wild animals each year. Bay Beach has several different live animal habitats, ranging from wolves and bobcats to white-tailed deer to an indoor exhibit with flying squirrels and owls (and much more). The best part about Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is that it’s completely free to visit. Park attendees might consider donating anything they can to help support the Green Bay park system, of course!

On Saturday, Oct. 15, at 7 p.., SNC in 3D is hosting a trip to Meuer Farm LLC for students to go through its annual corn maze. The event is free for SNC students and transportation is provided to and from the farm. You can reserve your place on the bus and learn more about the event by going to SNC in 3D’s Facebook page for the event. Register today and get ready for an a-maze-ing night!

Last but certainly not least is fall’s most popular campus event: fallFEST! FallFEST this year will take place on Friday, Oct. 14, the Friday after Long Weekend. FallFEST is hosted annually in the Campus Center with tons of games and other activities. Students and community members can come paint pumpkins, take pictures with props in a photo booth, listen to live music and play games for prizes. FallFEST also has free pizza, popcorn, ice cream, drinks and other snacks to further entice students into coming. By showing up, you receive an envelope full of free tickets that go towards games, photo booth pictures, food and everything else at the event. Be sure to stop by on Friday the 14th starting at  5 p.m.!

Fall is one of the busiest and most visually stunning times on the St. Norbert campus. Be sure to soak up all the events and last grasps at warm weather before the long winter chill sets in—because once the snow starts, our campus and greater community become a whole different environment.


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