Falling for FallFEST


The weather is getting cold and sweaters and scarves are making their appearance once again, which means the season of pumpkins and colored leaves has arrived. The start of the season also brought the annual fallFEST for the whole SNC community to enjoy. On Friday, Oct. 14, the annual 2016 FallFEST was hosted by the Emmaus Center as the closing event of Heritage Week and a celebration of the college’s birthday. Many people came out to participate in the activities.

The event was held in the Campus Center, and there were many different ways for people to enjoy themselves – all for free. Upon arrival, people were given punch cards with everything they needed to experience fallFEST properly. Nachos, pizza, popcorn and Zesty’s frozen custard were all available food options at the event. Members of several organizations and clubs ran carnival games, and the tickets won in those games could be put toward a raffle to win prizes like gift cards. A photo booth was set up with an array of hats, feather boas and other props available to make the pictures funny and unique.

Additionally, there were tables set up for pumpkin painting, so that everyone could design their own tiny pumpkins. All the while, music was provided by the Celtic influenced band Ceili Rain, who added a spark to the event.

FallFEST seemed to be a hit among members of the St. Norbert community, as the Campus Center was full of people for much of the evening. Those in attendance could be seen tossing ping-pong balls and hockey pucks for points, relaxing and listening to music, having fun at the photo booth and more.  Regardless of what they were doing, it was easy to tell from the atmosphere that people were having a good time.

Jack Zampino ’19, who also enjoyed the event in 2015, stated, “It was more efficient than last year. I liked taking pictures in the photo booth, painting pumpkins, and eating the food.”

For students that were unable to attend fallFEST, be sure to watch for it in the fall semester of 2017, as the event should return this time next year.


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