Fashion This Series Hosts a “Knight” of Fashion


On Friday, Sept. 30, the Fashion This Series brought fun and fashion together with unexpected styles and trends with their catwalk event held at Walter Theatre at 7 p.m. This is the first sustainable fashion show to take place at St Norbert College. The  “Knights on the Catwalk” event allowed students and faculty in the SNC community to display and model their own designs on the runway.

Participants had the opportunity to create their designs out of non-traditional materials, make their own clothes or go to the thrift store with $20 and create an outfit within that budget. Many of the designs were created out of cardboard by art students on campus, but there were additional participants with more traditional clothes that they had bought or made themselves.

This event was included in the series for more than just a fun evening; it had a powerful message. The Fashion This program has been promoting sustainable fashion, the idea of making clothes instead of buying them new, recycling old clothes to use again or making smart purchases of clothing that will last a long time.  Over the month of Sept., the series held several events to teach people how to do these things and why they believe it is important to try.

Professor April Beiswenger, a creator of the Fashion This series, commented on the event:  “Something like the fashion show brings home the concept that sustainability and ethics in fashion is something that we can actively make better by reusing, shopping frugal, repairing and being mindful about choices.”

Both Beiswenger and others hope to show people their capability to make a change, both through this fashion show and perhaps through more events to come.


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