Have a Latte with Agape & President Kunkel


President Kunkel kicked off this year’s first Agape Latte event for St. Norbert College on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at the Cassandra Voss Center at 8 p.m..

Before Kunkel took the stage, music was provided by Nick Losselyong and Akeem Edmonds, along with plenty of coffee and kringle. Trivia about President Kunkel followed before he spoke to give all in attendance a chance to win a t-shirt and learn more about him.

Kunkel first emphasized that he wanted the evening to feel like an informal event. He began by talking about his career as a journalist and how it has taught him to question everything. This did not leave faith out.

He gave background on his childhood referring to himself as the kid who would always ask “why?”

Kunkel then told a story about learning how to play the saxophone when he was growing up. He never really enjoyed it and told his mom he misplaced it. His mom was furious that he misplaced an instrument that cost $200 that they had not had to spend. He quickly found the saxophone and joked that he learned to never misplace anything again. He took this as a learning experience, and he became grateful for everything that his parents did for him.

Kunkel encouraged SNC students to be reflective about life. He did not want to sway us in one direction or the other in thinking about religion, but he did want us to think about why we believe what we believe.

“I believe that it’s the journey that is important. It’s about how you live your life, not the reward when it’s over.” Kunkel stated.

He expanded on his career as a journalist and told the audience some stories about the experiences he encountered. Kunkel was able to travel the United States and see both the good and bad of society. Seeing this made him go in and out of practicing for religion for about 20 years.

As Kunkel became older, he saw how his parents’ faith grew and expanded. They became more faithful and never questioned the fundamental core of their religion. As he saw this, he became more involved in his own religion, a huge factor in his becoming the seventh president of St. Norbert College.

President Kunkel closed the discussion by telling students that he still does not know the answers but that he believes we should conduct our lives in the right way because it’s the right thing to do. He read off the Beatitudes as he closed as a form of guidance for students on how to live their lives.

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