Junk Drawer: Favorite Emmy- Nominated Shows


Anastasia: “Sunday Night Football”

You know, I watch a lot of shows that have been nominated for Emmys. But have I watched any of those shows within the past two years? No. But do you know what I make time for every week for a few months out of the year? “Sunday Night Football.” Believe it or not, “Sunday Night Football” has been nominated for four Sports Emmys, of which the show has won three. The show has won Outstanding Production Design/Art Direction, Outstanding Live Sports Series and Outstanding Playoff Coverage.

Austin: “Breaking Bad”

There have been so many fantastic award-winning shows that I have watched throughout, but none have been as deserving as “Breaking Bad.” The show’s creator Vince Gilligan crafted an amazing and engrossing series that not many other shows have been able to match. The cinematography, style, acting and suspense put this show on a whole new level. The show stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a mild-mannered high-school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer that will likely cause his family financial ruin. In a desperate state, Walt decides he needs to provide for his family any way possible and resorts to cooking meth with former student Jesse Pinkman. The character of Walter White has one of the most interesting progressions in TV history, and Bryan Cranston’s performance is one for the ages. Walt’s relationship with his family and his meth-cooking partner Jesse are heart wrenching but amazing to see develop. It’s one of those shows that truly needs to be experienced by everyone and one that deserves every single award it has received.

Ben: “Daredevil”

Following the Emmy Awards, I was very disappointed when “Daredevil” failed to win Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series (it lost to “Game of Thrones”). Without a doubt, “Daredevil” has the best stunts I’ve ever seen in a television show. Every episode manages to invent a new action sequence that requires complicated, intense choreography and is exceptionally creative with incorporating Matt Murdoch’s blindness into numerous fight sequences. Fans of the show particularly remember the stairwell scene from Season 2 Episode 3, when a five-minute camera pan follows Daredevil in a breathtaking brawl with the Dogs of Hell bike gang. “Daredevil” is amazing for many reasons, but it really is the stunt coordination that sets it apart from other superhero shows.

Samantha: “Game of Thrones”

The Emmys premiered not too long ago, and to no surprise the HBO series “Game of Thrones” received plenty of nominations and wins this year. In total the series has been nominated 106 times with a total of 38 wins since its premiere. The 2016 Emmys saw wins for Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Costumes for a Fantasy/SciFi series, to only name a few. With the incredible actors, costumes, sets and storyline, it’s no wonder this series once again took home an armful of awards and nominations. I look forward to the next season to see what more will unfold.


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